Aims & Objective

We care for children, protect their welfare and prepare them for the future.

Aims and objective

  • To enable the emergence of target population as self-defining groups with a strong sense of self-identity by enhancing their capacity to harness local and internal resources-physical, intellectual and financial
  • To create an awareness of their physical, social and political environment to induce meaningful and constructive action
  • To raise the income level of the groups through involvement in on farm & off farm activities
  • To enable the target groups to access developmental and welfare entitlements from the government
  • To ensure human rights of its target group
  • To eradicate child labour
  • To network with all like minded groups committed to the cause of empowerment of the poor to promote institutional mechanisms at community level to ensure sustainability and scaling up of its gains
  • Empower rural women of BPL family by raising awareness among them about their rights, entitlement, access and control over their entitlement
  • Empowerment of women through formation of self-help groups and its networking
  • To relief work and rehabilitation work for the flood affected people
  • To enhance the awareness and sensitize the enforcement agencies and civil society actors to problem of cross border human trafficking
  • To work for water management with special reference to flood
  • To work for clean environment and energy conservation